CARFIT and SGS sign a partnership agreement

While auto technical inspection strengthens in Europe – SGS and CARFIT collaborate around the technical inspection of the future that will be connected and continuous.

In Europe every passenger cars of more than 4 years needs to pass a technical inspection every 2 years to be insured and road legal.

In May 2018 in France, this technical inspection strengthens from 124 points of control to 400 to align with European regulations. In case of serious defects detected involving safety, car owners will have 24 hours only to fix them or face a road interdiction.

The technical inspection cost will increase with the increase of control points. It is likely that it will remove cars in bad conditions out of the roads.

SGS France and CARFIT made an agreement to collaborate on the technical inspection of the future that is likely to be partially connected and continuous.

SGS – the World’s largest quality control company – is the French leader in auto inspection via its retail brands Securitest and Auto Securite with over 30% market share.

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